....Fantasy Premier League Fever @.@  

Thursday, September 04, 2008

BPL is start and so fantasy premier league fever is back among the supporters. Me myself have been joined fantasy premier league for last two season, but the passion is not as same as this season because we've been competing each other in a our own league (FSKTM student only)...hehe

However, for you out there who really a die hard fans of Chelsea, Man Utd, Liverpool or 'wut so eva' club, why dont u guys sign up for this game. Choose ur own player and battle with friends, colleagues, family and the other players around the world. Although it is quite impossible to win the biggest prize due to huge amount of player joined, make this for fun. Once ur team scores high point then u will get addicted.. =p So beware of its drawback~

Before choosea a team, think wisely before pick a player. Here some tips for a new manager:

1. You must keep your wild card until a very desperate moment (i've been regret for using in gameweek 2).
2. Choose goalkeeper from team with best defender (ex; Petr Cech and Van der Sarr).
3. Don't tell ur friends about ur team formation@line-up.
4. Captain point will be doubled, so think carefully before select ur kapitan.




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